Workshop on Team Trust


More than 50 participants from the manufacturing unit of Danone experienced the power of teamwork during their 2018 offsite with Thought Bulb. The agenda was to enhance team collaboration and communication.


Million Pixels Challenge and Blindfold Square Challenge. 


The blindfolded team was challenged to form different geometrical shapes with a rope in their hands. Participants could only use verbal cues and touch, to complete the shapes. Many situational leaders owned their roles to direct the team while the troubleshooters came up with creative ways of formulating the shapes. This activity ensured that the teams only had communication, as a tool.

 In the Million Pixels Challenge, the partakers unleashed their Picassos and Pollock, on a piece of canvas. Each team was provided with a stencil that they needed to replicate on a canvas. Individually, the stencils would be confusing to an observer, but when the teams’ canvases were put together, the final picture was astounding and impactful at the same time. The canvases formed a meaningful image with a message that said- Encourage Each Other To Reach The Top.


Collaboration, Communication, Problem Solving, Motivation.

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