Virtual Team Experience for 2000 participants.


One of the teams at HCL wanted to create a custom virtual experience for approx. 2000 employees. The purpose of the virtual experience was to create awareness around “Risk and Compliance” that would help the employees to understand key terms around the subject.


A custom virtual game was designed for the team on the theme of Harry Potter by the Thought Bulb team. The Harry Potter theme based virtual game was crafted in a way that all the participants can understand the concepts around “Risk and Compliance” in a gamified virtual program.


Thought Bulb team designed a virtual game where the user had to save the World by going through a gamified journey. The player had to solve codes, cryptic puzzles around “Risk and Compliance” to score Magic Points. The players were able to access the game using Game Code and Web-link. It was a self-paced learning game with a LIVE Leaderboard that added thrill to the entire experience.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

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