Virtual Team Engagement for Amazon


Around 100 participants from team Amazon came together for a virtual session with their leadership team. The purpose of the workshop was to break the ice and create camaraderie in teams. The secondary objective was to overcome work from home burnout and help team members take a break from their daily schedule.


Thought Bulb Team proposed Incredible India Virtual Treasure Hunt to drive engagement and bonding. Through the Virtual Scavenger Treasure Hunt teams travelled virtually to different places across the country and explored the rich heritage of India in a gamified virtual experience.


All the participants were invited to a virtual session at a pre-set time. The Thought Bulb team welcomed the group with enthusiasm to kick off the show with the right spirit. The session started with a series of virtual icebreakers to charge up the group before the start of the Virtual Treasure Hunt. This helped the facilitator to develop a connect with the teams and also helped participants break the ice with each other. This was followed by briefing on the Incredible India Virtual Treasure Hunt. The participants were divided into teams and they were provided access to a web-link for playing the game.

In Incredible India Virtual Treasure Hunt participants travel the lengths and breadths of the country on an epic journey to find the hidden treasure coins. Teams compete with each other to win the bumper prize. The Live Leaderboard keeps the excitement going.

The gala Virtual Award Ceremony was the icing on the cake, where winners shared their experiences and received the Winning Title. Overall, the Treasure Hunt helped the teams interact and connect beyond work. It also enabled light conversations between team members that helped them know each other.


Collaboration, Problem Solving and Innovation.

The entire activity summary can be summed up with this beautiful quote by Jeff Bezos –

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.

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