Virtual Engagement for a Global Team


A high performing team from MEGANEXUS wanted to connect and bond virtually. The idea was to drive a virtual engagement program that is fun, exciting and challenging at the same time and that helps team members connect.


The Thought Bulb team planned a 90 mins team activity along with exciting virtual ice breakers to cater to the needs of the team. Team members joined from different countries on the Zoom platform and experienced a Virtual Treasure Hunt in different sub-teams.


Thought Bulb team welcomed the participants as they joined on the Zoom Platform. The session started with virtual icebreakers, that helped participants get into the right energy before the start of the activity. Once the group was energised the facilitator went through the Activity Briefing with the participants. The teams were given their missions and were divided into different break out rooms. Participants collaborated using the Thought Bulb gaming platform to secure Treasure Coins. The winners were announced during the end of the session in a virtual award ceremony.


Collaboration, Competition and Thinking Out of the Box.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” –Ken Blanchard

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