Team Building in Dalhousie


Employees from Reckitt Benckiser, a leading organisation in the consumer group industry came together for an offsite in Dalhousie. They partnered with Thought Bulb to conduct team building activities that build trust through experiential methods.


The team experienced The Everest Challenge and the Columbus Challenge which helped them empathise with each other and collaborate as a team during the experience.


The objective of the Everest Challenge is to learn to trust, even with closed eyes (quite literally). The teams are divided in two, with one team using verbal instructions to help the other team who is blindfolded (we weren’t kidding about the closed eyes) in pitching tents. This proved to be an impactful activity where the participants understood the importance of togetherness and having confidence in one another. In the latter half of the session, the contenders built giant roller coasters using bamboo sticks and other essentials. This experiential learning activity exhorted the teams to strategize, delegate and execute based on individual skills. In the finale, all the squads indulged in the ultimate Rollercoaster race which required them to use tennis balls to win.


Resourcefulness, Trust, Collaboration.

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