Re-energizing the Product Teams


In the re-launch of 3 products, 150 participants from the sales team of Dr. Reddy’s underwent an intensive virtual program. The sales team faced obstacles due to the COVID pandemic. The primary objective was to re-ignite the fire within the team and help them climb up the ladder from the Top 10 to the Top 5 in the country.


The teams completed Mission Moon Lander, a virtual team-building activity with The Thought Bulb. It is a virtual team experience that enables participants to overcome several Team Dysfunctions with the right tools and strategies. During the journey, teams were put in different situations and they had to make important decisions for the success of the mission.


The team was divided into 3 sub-teams based on their product. Before the start, the facilitator ensured high energy amongst the participants with icebreakers. When the teams got comfortable with the virtual set-up, the mission was introduced to the teams. They were put into break-out rooms to accomplish the mission. To win they had to make correct decisions on the way.

Once they were back after completing the mission, the facilitator spent considerable time in the debrief. To ensure the teams implement the new strategies, they were given an assignment with a tool called “Start, Stop & Continue,” which enabled the teams to come up with solutions and opportunities instead of obstacles and fear.


Problem Solving, Teamwork, Positive Attitude

The entire session re-ignited the team’s morale and initiated a shift to a problem-solving mindset.

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