Outbound Adventure in Kerala


A team of 60 participants from GSK came together in Kerala, for an Offsite. The objective was to create an unforgettable experience, while exploring God’s own country. 


A customised city race was concocted for the team which included team bonding and travel experiences, simultaneously. The teams gorged on the local flavours of the ‘down south’ and how! Right from coconut oil extraction (phew!) to smooth sailing through the mangrove rivers (haha) and even fabricating jute ropes in and around Kovalam beach!


With the start and endpoint of the race being the same, the teams had to accomplish a particular set of challenges. They were provided with a predetermined amount of cash and the essentials required to carry through the challenges. The goal was to try a hand at all the ‘pursuits of happiness’ and scoot to the hotel, before the sand runs out. Our esteemed candidates engaged in activities like donning the local ‘dhotis’ (Quickgun style), balancing coconuts and gulping Toddy shots during the race (liquid courage is a real thing, trust us!). All in all, adventures of a lifetime, we say!


Resourcefulness, Team Spirit, Collaboration.

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