Microgreens Workshop for Senior Leaders

Microgreens and Gardening

IAMAI wanted to run a workshop to engage their business partners during the pandemic. A total of 10 Senior Level Partners from different Organisations, came together for a Microgreens & Gardening workshop.


The participants were introduced to the world of Microgreens, where they received an opportunity to learn & grow Microgreens, from a Gardening Expert. They were also sent a DIY Gardening Kit before the workshop, to have a hands on experience on Microgreens.


Team Thought Bulb delivered a highly engaging and informative session on “Microgreens” where participants received Microgreen Kits and were taught the step-by-step process of how to grow them at home. The session was enlivened by bonus challenges like “Perform a Tree Pose” etc. followed by a Q&A session around Microgreens and Gardening.


Microgreens, Gardening, DIY Gardening


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