Indoor and Outdoor Activities in Lonavala


A 40 person team, from SBI attended their yearly offsite at Lonavala. The organisers partnered up with Thought Bulb to drive engagement around Collaboration and Resourcefulness.


Teams experienced the magic of collaboration through Million Pixels Challenge and  the Tech Terrain Challenge ensured that they make the best use of their resources to achieve a goal.


Participants were divided into teams and handed over Program kits. The objective was to replicate an image from a stencil, provided in all kits. The participants had a gala time using paints and brushes on the canvas and the cheeky ones, throwing it on each other. No particular canvas matched the other, but once they were all aligned together, the participants were surprised to see a significant image that portrayed a message around collaboration.

After a quick breather, each team was provided with a GPS tracker and a kit of essentials. It was time for the Tech Terrain Challenge where teams went on a scavenger hunt around the hotel premises. Teams unravelled puzzles using the trackers and attempted bonus challenges to score some brownie points along the way!

By the end of it, the winning team celebrated their victory. The entire team had a ball, while watching their blooper video.


Problem Solving, Collaboration, Team Spirit.

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