Go Green Team Activities for HERO


The management team of Hero (Neemrana Plant) came together to celebrate their offsite. The organizers partnered with Thought Bulb with a specific request – to experience nature and help the team bond.


Teams were asked to build a beautiful garden-in-a-bowl as a part of the Terrarium Challenge.


After experiencing some snazzy openers, teams were handed over terrarium kits consisting of some moolah, tools and a glass bowl. Teams had to buy materials like – mud, plants, pebbles and decorative items from the shop. Moving forward they made plans to make the best use of the resources given. Teams built visually pleasing and appealing bowls from scratch and took them home as souvenirs.

In the end, teams presented their terrariums, relating them to their personalities, characteristics and behaviour in the team.


Strategic Planning, Resourcefulness, Teamwork.

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