Family Engagement for Adani


Team Adani at one of the Power Plant locations had not come together since lockdown. A virtual team offsite was planned for the employees and their family members, with the primary objective of engagement and fun.


Due to the pandemic, the teams worked from their homes and communicated only through their phones. Hence, it was important for the team to spend some time together having fun. The team experienced Bollywood Night along with their families during the virtual offsite.


The fun icebreakers fueled the team’s energy levels in the virtual room! The facilitator introduced a Bollywood competition where the participants were divided into teams and given challenges that made employees dance, sing, enact scenes etc. from famous Bollywood Movies. The Bollywood Night was divided into rounds, including rapid-fire, dumb charades, dance face-off, etc. In the end, teams experienced a gala award night in Bollywood Style- for categories like the Best Dancer, Entertainer, Costume and the Winning Team etc.


Collaboration, Teamwork, and Fun.

The virtual offsite ensured that participants comes together along with their family members to connect and have fun.

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