Virtual Induction Program for MTs


The new joiner Management Trainee (MT) batch were to go through a series of virtual sessions with the Business Leaders. There was a need to drive key competencies during the Virtual MT program. The purpose was to create awareness in MTs around competencies that would help them succeed in the Organisation.


A Virtual session for half a day was planned for the MTs by Thought Bulb Team. The Comic Strip Virtual challenge was proposed to drive key competencies in an experiential way.


The MTs were invited to a Virtual Session as per their Induction Plan. Thought Bulb team welcomed the group and started the session with a series of virtual icebreakers. This helped the MTs develop a connect with the Facilitator. This was followed by a briefing about the Comic Strip Challenge. The MTs were divided into teams and they were provided access to a web-link.

In the Comic Strip challenge, the teams work together to a create a comic strip on the given theme. In this case each team was provided with a different competency to work with. Teams used their creativity and thought to come up with amazing comic strips.

After the comic strips were done, they presented their work to Business Leaders and hence received an opportunity to connect with them. The discussions around Competencies helped the MTs appreciate the importance of key behaviours that would help them in succeeding in their careers.


Building critical competencies, collaboration and storytelling.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

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