CSR Team Building for Corporate Teams


A Team of 19 participants decided to partner with Thought Bulb with the agenda of inculcating “Challenge the Process” and “Big-picture Thinking”.


Team Thought Bulb discerned that the Nuclear Punch activity and the Build a Bicycle activity, would be the perfect fit that could fortify the teams to think out of the box and challenge conventional processes in the organisation. 


Two teams competed against one another in a confined space, to punch all the numbers in a sequence. In multiple rounds, the teams were hoodwinked, by altering the number sequence. Certain individuals in the teams noticed the change and subsequently transposed their approach! Nuclear Punch is an activity designed to help teams widen their horizons, while adapting to issues and tackling them correctly.

Building a Bicycle required the teams to put together all the parts of a bicycle. This activity puts teams into unprecedented situations in order to collaborate with each other and put their problem-solving skills to good use. A wonderful CSR activity, the teams witnessed a happy surprise, when they saw the impact they created on the lives of non-privileged kids when the same cycles were gifted to them in the end. The session ended on a high note where the participants enjoyed their photo-frames and blooper video as a surprise!



Big Picture Thinking, Challenging the Process, Out of the box thinking.

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