Celebrating Team Diversity


Participants from 10FA India used Zoom to interact and connect after a long time. The organizers took this opportunity to plan an engagement activity to uplift the teams from their ennui and drive an enthralling activity.


Virtual Treasure Hunt across the Indian subcontinent!


The virtual session was a three-parter. The first one, being “Energy Time”, was all about entertaining virtual icebreakers to help the members ease out and get acquainted with the facilitators and each other. The next step involved them being divided into teams using breakout rooms. They went on a virtual and visual journey around our beautiful country while exploring landscapes, food and diversity. Teams were also presented with merry challenges during the activity like team dance, groupies, etc. to keep them on their toes.

Winners of the treasure hunt were announced in the last part of the session. The session ended on a high note with Thought Bulb’s signature sign off, that included gifts and surprises for all. Overall, the members enjoyed connecting and gaming with each other after a long time.


Engagement, Teamwork, Networking, Learning.

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