Bollywood Gameshow for Facebook

A team of 40-50 people from Facebook wanted to connect virtually for a fun filled session. Ideas was to say goodbye to the year 2020 and welcome 2021 with fresh energy and a lot of laughter. It was an opportunity for the team members to connect and bond over a Virtual Team Engagement Session.


The Thought Bulb team proposed a 60-minute virtual engagement for the team which involved high energy start of the session with ice breakers followed by an activity called “Bollywood Evening Gameshow”.


The session started at 5 pm after a full day of internal sessions for the group. When the participants joined on the virtual meeting platform, Thought Bulb was already prepared with trending Bollywood music to create a musical theme based virtual environment for the participants.

Once the entire team joined using the Zoom meeting link a quick 05-10 mins of icebreakers was planned, to charge up the group. This is when the activity Bollywood Evening Gameshow was introduced. Participants were divided into smaller teams then one by one different challenges around Bollywood were introduced in stages. For each challenge participants had an option of gaining extra points by either singing a song, giving a dance performance, or enacting a scene based on the challenges. The energy kept building throughout the session with people coming forward and showcasing their hidden talents.

At the end of the session, scores were displayed and a final challenge was introduced to double the team’s score. Finally, the session came to an end with a highly engaging award ceremony. The arrangements were coordinated by team Thought Bulb to make the entire session seamless.


Accepting change as a challenge, going beyond comfort zone.

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