A Happiness Program for Sainsbury’s


Due to the pandemic, the team had not come together for a long time. The new joiners, colleagues, and managers wanted to spend some time together. Hence, a full-day virtual offsite was planned for Sainsbury’s.


The intervention for Sainsbury’s included sMILE Challenge, Incredible India Treasure Hunt and a highly engaging Minute to Win It Challenge. The idea was to plan a highly engaging day for the team with a positive meaning.


Starting the day with exciting icebreakers, the facilitator gave the participants a brief about the sMILE challenge which was played on the Skoop App. The participants were divided into teams and their objective was to score the highest points. The challenges included spreading smiles and happiness around the teams.

The teams then had a virtual lunch where they chit-chatted around random ideas. The Virtual Lunch was planned while considering one thing, how can the team synergize together. The teams then went on a virtual journey around the country in search of the treasure. After a brief break, the teams were then engaged in a high-energy Virtual Minute to Win it Challenge. The challenge included series of experiential activities to be attempted within 60 seconds. During the debrief, teams shared how they encountered different sides of their team members and solved unknown problems as a team.


Problem Solving, Collaboration, and Teamwork

The full-day intervention built a stronger connection amongst the team members and brought them closer as a team.

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