Mission Moon Lander – Develop Team Working Skills

You assume the role of a Mission Director of a space organisation. The objective of your team is to travel to the moon, gather scientific information and safely return to Earth. You will have to take key decisions around people and processes for proper functioning of the Moon Lander Project. You will also have to go through a series of challenges and puzzles that would test your grit in tough times. Every round will have 2-3 decisions that the player must take. Once a disaster happens you will have to wisely choose a risk averse vs a risky tolerant strategy to complete the mission.

Icon Activity Type Virtual
Icon Activity Time 30 - 60 minutes
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Simulation Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Get a hands-on experience on leading a team towards a challenging goal.
  • Learn how to build trust in your team by taking real time decisions.
  • Experience what it takes to manage a team in the VUCA World.
  • Discover how your decisions affect the motivation levels of your team.
  • Acquire the skills to resolve the dysfunctions of a team and inspire others.

Key Features

  • Easy Login: Access using Game Code and Web-Link
  • Time-bound: Live timer to make it exciting
  • Leaderboard: Live scoreboard that adds to the thrill.
  • Platform: Robust Thought Bulb Gaming Platform
  • Number of Participants: 01 – 10000 pax. at a time

Best for Events:

Onboarding, Management Development, Off-sites, Leadership Training, Team Building Sessions.

Activity video

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