Champions Premier League – Acquire Management Skills

You lead one of the most controversial cricket franchises in the cricket league. Your objective is to coach and......

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Mission Moon Lander – Develop Team Working Skills

You assume the role of a Mission Director of a space organisation. The objective of your team is to travel to the moon, gather sci...

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POSH for Virtual Workplace

Most of us are living & working in a virtual environment but the threat related to sexual harassment is real. With employees s...

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Woody’s – Discover Frugal Innovation

Woody’s is a 20 year old furniture brand that leads the market with its innovative products, utmost customer satisfaction and a ...

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Business Simulations: FAQs

What is a Business Simulation?

In simple terms a Business Simulation is a virtual environment that mirrors a real-time situation. The user experiences a simulated environment that imitates a real time scenario in order to learn and experience what it takes to succeed in the dynamic real-time circumstances.

Overall, it’s an online experience that makes learning easier, engaging and thrilling.

Benefits of Business Simulations

Highly Experiential

Consistent Feedback

Higher Retention Rate

Enhanced Decision Making

Interactive Gameplay

Risk free learning

Where to use Business Simulations?

  1. Onboarding: Whether you are Onboarding a fresher or a CXO, there is always a Simulation available to drive learning with fun.
  2. Team Outbounds: It’s great to work as a team towards a common goal and learn while you play.
  3. Management Development: Help your managers with undergo a risk free learning experience so that they can lead in the real world.
  4. Leadership Development: Let your leaders lead in the virtual world with a range of different simulations to drive key insights.
  5. Complements Instructor Lead Programs: Add an experiential flavour to your classroom or virtual training with the right business simulation.

Custom Business Simulation

Are you planning an event or a training and would you like to get a custom Business Simulation made – contact us because our Story designers are waiting to weave your content into a dynamic simulation game. Give us your story and let us design a custom simulation for you.

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