Top 10 Training Needs for First Time Managers

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60% of new managers underperform during their first two years (Source: Ken Blanchard study). They usually do not have the benefit of “years of managerial experience” behind them, and therefore, they find it challenging to navigate through their new role. To make it easy for first time managers here are top 10 training needs for […]

How Team Building Games Can Improve The Environment Of Your Workplace?

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Top Team Building Activities

The backbone of a good company lies in how harmoniously the team of members in the company can work together. Having common goals, a healthy way of working together and trust and understanding between team members is extremely important for the success of any company. Many companies all around the world are starting to recognize […]

Top 10 Off-Beat Gifts to give during a Training Program

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Training programs are a blend of fun-filled activities followed with some serious learning. Not only do these programs promote development, but also, leave a lasting impression. However, what employees enjoy the most are “take-aways” received during the event. Considering the current corporate scenario, the approach towards gifts is changing drastically. Now, with the changing trends, […]

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Focus On Team Building Activities

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Team Building Companies

Providing the feeling of being an important part of the team to every employee is what every company’s HR management focuses on. Does the HR team of your company genuinely focus on such activities that would build better relation among the employees? Well, the performance and productivity of the company would help you to know […]

Infographic: 5 Major Types of Corporate Training Programs

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Businesses make considerable investments in corporate training to enable their staff to learn new things and be more competitive. But corporate training programs tend to differ a lot. Leadership and management development programs enable employees to acquire a set of leadership skills which can help them to acquire a promotion. Such programs also help them […]