A fresher’s experience at a Team Building program

I went to a team outbound last month, where there were several activities planned for us, from painting a canvas to going on a mountain trek and cooking our own food.  People from different backgrounds and departments were divided into four different teams. I didn’t know anyone in my group; it was me and all strangers!

None of our team members had any experience of those activities, but, to our surprise and even mine (though not now), our team won!

I will explain why – we worked as a team.

Though we were not good at such survival activities, each one of us had strengths! Some could cook good food, a few could manage the logistics well, and we had a few who were cheerleading! Alas!

If I think back, our ability to build a healthy relationship with each other lead us to a WIN.

Team building is a key to success for every team, and I‘ll explain why!

  • Wins trust: Team Building experiences helps people bond and connect. It enables a trusting environment. Trust gives team strength to win over any other team.
  • Team Culture: Friendly environment, better than anything else, keeps team members happy and satisfied, which is the biggest motivator for them to give their 100% and even more.
  • Informal Communication: Formal communication structure in a team is a must, but informal one ensures better and speedy execution.
  • Sharing of Ideas: Every team needs new ideas. An open environment created as a result of team building, opens up a platform to share innovative ideas.
  • Doing it the fun way: Imagine a place where you have to go every day and there is no one with whom you can talk! There is no fun!

This team building experience helped me form a bond with my team. Thank you.

–Blog written by a Fresher, who works with a leading Pharmaceutical MNC in India.

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