7 Ways to Gamify Induction for Your Team

Orientation or an Induction program for new hires is a great opportunity to introduce them to the existing employees of a company. Also, it is an ideal way to break the ice for the new joiners, to clear their apprehensions about the new employer and kick off their new journey.

Out of many creative ways of carrying out an induction, one of the most sought after options is gamification of induction training. Sounds exciting right?

A past report by Aberdeen Research opined that induction with gamification yielded remarkable developments in turnover and engagement levels. Gamification is exciting with distinct features like rewards and scoring systems, gamified assessments, leaderboards to foster healthy competition, exciting challenges that are more interactive, using future tools like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which sets it apart from other employee engagement approaches for new joiners.

Unique ways to gamify an induction program for your teams are:

1. Welcome for Onboarding:

Make induction a memorable experience for new joiners as an HR professional. Imagine introducing yourself and other team members in an animated version. The new hires feel special and an instant bond is created. On the similar lines HR policies, Work culture, their job roles and other required information can be shared.

2. Gamified Virtual Office Tour:

As the name suggests, the activity rolls out animated instructions through an inbuilt voice to navigate through the workstations, coffee vending machine, server hub, cabins of the management, dining hall, restrooms, etc. This is helpful to the new folks who are shy and hesitant to ask for any help in the new office.

3. Gamified Quiz:

A gamified version of a quiz can be played by new hires where they get to answer questions about other team members / about values / expectations from the organization. This is an amazing way to interact with new joiners and make them feel heard.

4. Theme-based Gamification:

An amalgamation of a theme-based induction with a gamified version of virtual reality is another way to engage new joiners. The menu of the theme can be of company’s vision, business verticals, products etc.

5. Gamified Treasure Hunt:

HR folks can also set forth an AR version of a treasure hunt where the newbies go on a virtual treasure hunt and start clearing the milestones regarding adhering to the company norms that lead them to the winning points. This is one of the great tools that promotes networking.

6. Gamified training:

New joiners in certain organizations go through probation period and training period. These training sessions can be gamified on customized skill sets and learnings. No doubt the results are more effective.

7. Gamified induction and evaluation:

The new joiners are given a stipulated time to understand the HR policies, safety procedures, knowledge of restricted areas, access control rules, information security tutorial, and consequences of security breach. A gamified session is conducted to understand the alignment new joiners with the organizational values.

Concluding, gamified inductions using VR and AR tools makes sure highly interactive inductions, kills monotonous flow, constantly upgrades to latest technology to add a few benefits. After all, experiential learning is the key to create lasting results.





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