5 ways to Motivate employees to embrace Training


Quality employees are a must for any organization’s growth, which is why, businesses invest a lot in Corporate training initiatives.

But ever thought – why employees try to avoid such interventions?

It is because they are “FORCED” to attend such sessions, not “MOTIVATED”.

Nobody likes anything to be forced upon them, which is why the whole purpose of organising such training programs stays unfulfilled.

So, here are some ways to help you motivate your employees to join training programs:

Tell them – “It is their own learning!”

Make them realise that “knowledge” is a vital asset to grow in today’s knowledge economy; and that they are building great foundations for a great career ahead.

Link – Training Goals to Appraisals

Ensure that the Training goals are linked to Performance Appraisals. It provides an additional incentive for employees to take part in Training Programs.

Appreciate – New ideas!

Encourage learning, by appreciating people for their skill-sets. Reward employees who bring new ideas to the corporate eco-system.

Craft – A positive work culture!

Keeping a healthy and friendly environment at workplace leads to higher satisfaction and dedication in an employee which ultimately motivates him to develop him/her self.

Reward – For completing a Learning program.

Be it monetary or non- monetary, everybody loves rewards! So, use it to motivate your employees to attend training.

Last but not the least, you might be doing all of the above and still if employees aren’t motivated to attend training interventions, you need to evaluate your Training programs.

Ensure your training interventions are: Engaging, Experiential and Exciting.

So, next time you conduct any training intervention, make sure to use these ways to motivate your employees to embrace training!

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