5 Free Ideas to Make Your Induction Program more Impactful

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An organization or business is like a family. When a new employee is hired, he goes through the induction process. This process helps the new employee to understand how things are run in that organization.

Without a good induction program, the employee will be looking lost and will not know how to join the team of workers that he will be working with.

You can make your induction program more impactful than it is. Here is a list of the ideas. 

1) Prepare an induction checklist

What would you like to discuss in the induction program? You need to make a list of all the important points. This list will help you guide the program and will also enable you to leave no stone unturned. Without a checklist you may miss out on an important detail or forget something you wanted to discuss with them.

2) Make them feel accepted


During the program, you have to make them feel welcomed. Be warm, and professional towards them. You do not have to establish some sort of authority. You already have authority, you do not need to use force.  Be calm and courteous, influence them with your charm.

3) Provide a job description


Explain to the new employee exactly what he is expected to do. It can be outlined in a document or said to him vocally. In any form you wish to give it. Make sure it’s detailed and direct. Involve Business stakeholders in the process, because an HR Manager can’t do it alone.

4) Encourage older workers to be involved


The induction process should not be left on for the Human Resource department. Encourage your older workers to get involved. This will help to make the process better.

5) Conduct a Values Session


Discuss company values in a direct way, do not try to sugarcoat it, and be straightforward about the values and vision of the business.

5 MORE BONUS Ideas –

1) Encourage your new employees to be social. You could organize Team Building workshops to get them to mix up

2) Outline what you expect from them in an orderly manner during the Induction process.

3) Throw them a welcome party, this will make them to lighten up and interact. 

4) Follow them up regularly, get to know what challenges they are facing and help them with their queries.

5) Ask for feedback from the new employee. 

These ideas will help you make an extra-ordinary impact to your induction program.

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