4 Amazing Benefits of Team Engagement Activities

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Today, employee engagement and team building have become the centre point in several organisations around the world. As a matter of fact, the company owners have realized the importance of keeping their employee happy and are investing a lot of money in keeping various employee engagement activities. A research conducted in 2016 suggests that employees who were motivated and engaged were 33% more enthusiastic and committed to their work and workplace.

One of the main reasons why the company owners are focusing more on the team building activities is that it not only gives the employees to have some fun at the workplace but it also helps in improving their productivity, which in turn contributes to the company’s success. With the growing popularity of the team building activities, there are many team engagement companies that help the companies organize the games for their employees.

These companies based on the requirements of the owners and the size of the workforce plan and execute the gaming activities both within the office premises as well in outdoor locations. Let us now take a look at the various benefits of team engagement activities.

Keeps the employee’ healthy

Research suggests that the employees who are constantly engaged in various team building games and activities are more likely to healthier than others, less likely to suffer from chronic diseases and are more prone to indulge in exercises. This is because in the organisations where the employees participate in team building activities they respect each other, and encourage each other to take care of their health. To keep the employees fit and healthy, a lot of organisations have implemented policies like company-sponsored races, free fruits during the break sessions and compulsory salad day once a week.

Low absentee rate

This is one of the most important benefits of team engagement activities; employees who are stressed tend to fall ill frequently, which eventually results in frequent leaves. On the other hand, the employees who are motivated and work in a stress-free environment they feel more invested in their job and they care for both personal and organizational success. The employees who participate in various team-building activities feel motivated to go to work and complete the task assigned to them. In fact, research suggests that the highly engaged workplaces have up to 45% lower absentee rate.

Feel more loyal towards the company

As the youngsters are entering the workforce, the dynamics of employee loyalty is slowly but steadily changing. Long gone are the days when people19786089 used to work in the same company for their entire life or at least more than 10 years. Today, nearly 46% of the employee around the world suggest their loyalty lies with a company that caters to their needs better. This is where the employee engagement and team building activities play such a crucial role. When the employees are engaged, they not only feel secure about their job but also they are more likely to stick around for a long time. The employee would not leave any organisation when they are given the right opportunity, challenges and compensation by the employer.

Better customer service

Although the organisations are relying heavily on technologies like artificial intelligence and chatbots to provide better customer services to the consumers, the customer service has become extremely important. The team engagement companies understand the different needs of the different organisations and they have specific games/activities for the employees in the service sector.

These games are aimed at building their confidence. Plus, they also allow them to learn the tricks and tips on how to handle the different customers. With such training and engaging activities, the employees serve the customers well, which in turn benefits the company in terms of winning customer loyalty and goodwill.

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