Make your Events Futuristic

3D Experiences will add a whole new look and feel to your Town Hall,
Induction Programs, Leadership Summits, Channel Partner Engagement and much more.

If you can Imagine it, we can Create it.

  • Planning to conduct a Team Event on Moon! Yes it’s possible.
  • Welcoming your New Joiners in Hawaii! Yes it’s possible.
  • Hosting a Leadership Summit on Everest Base Camp! Yes it’s possible.
  • Choose from our existing library or let us create something special for you!

Why 3D Experiences?

Every event needs a story - a 3D experience provides just that! It provides a context to the event through an interactive interface, making it immersive and engaging. Experience realistic 3D environments that brings life to your event!

How it works?


Step 1:
Select a 3D Environment


Step 2:
Brand it your way


Step 3:
Share web-link with users

Key Features


Custom 3D Environment

We create custom 3D environments to take your users right into the core of your event! Create an immersive experience for your users, so that your users feel emotionally charged about your idea or event!


Multiple Rooms

That simply means we can accomodate a variety of Active Rooms at the same time on our platform. Users can move from one room to the other based on their interest, time and choice.


Chat, Ask & Poll

The users can chat with others, ask questions to the Speakers and take part in Active Polls on our 3D Platform. This helps us drive engagement during the session.


Engaging Games

Experience Thought Bulb’s propriety Games on our platform to engage your users. Whether you are looking for individual or team based games, we have an engagement solution for you. 


Custom Time & Duration

We can go Live with the 3D environment before the scheduled event to create buzz around the experience. Explore a lot of pre-engagement ideas before your actual event. You can unveil messages, pictures, or even run a quiz to engage users!


Upload Pre-recorded Media

We can upload pre-recorded media of your speakers, leaders or even employees to provide a personalised touch to your users. Because we know that every bit of customisation makes it even richer for your users!

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