25 Super Easy Tips To Conserve Office Resources


Saving energy is always considered equivalent to producing it. As human beings we enjoy more liberty than other species in exploiting every resource that is at our disposal. This freedom led to misusing and abusing every reserve that is available many times without having to pay for it. We all have learned that preserving earth’s resources can be made possible by controlling the usage of various resources every day.

Saving resources has become a conscious effort for many of us, when we are at home. We ensure turning off lights when not used, using recyclable plates and spoons, conserving water while brushing teeth and washing hands, reusing discarded clothes for cleaning tasks, so on and so forth. Why don’t we emulate these praiseworthy deeds at our workplaces? We don’t do it because we are never held accountable for any of the wastage incurred at our workplace. It is never too late to initiate good work. Let us give reasons to everyone we know to influence and impact many in our work environment.

8 tips to optimal usage of PAPER!

  1. Utilize both sides of a paper either for writing or for printing jobs.

  2. Avoid printing documents or Office memos or handbooks, when they could be shared via emails.

  3. Introduce air dryers to cut down on the usage of paper napkins.

  4. Conserve the cardboard boxes received through couriers and shipments for a future usage.

  5. Avoid printing documents for any business communication and share the same through emails.

  6. Buy recyclable papers for any Office need.

  7. Start purchasing paper created out of alternate sources like bamboo or organic cotton.

  8. The best way to save paper in Office is go paperless, gradually.

Many companies started generating energy from alternative sources like wind, bio-organic waste, green waste, compost and recyclable waste. Companies purchase power from these innovative companies as they are sold at cheaper prices.

7 tips to conserve energy at workplace

  1. Switch to energy conserving Air-conditioners that consumes lesser power to function.

  2. Employees should be reminded to turn off lights in their workplace when they leave for the day.

  3. Existing bulbs and lights consume excessive power. So, we should switch to fluorescent bulbs.

  4. Make sure that your energy system is turned off over the weekends.

  5. Natural lighting is always ideal to work in Office during daytimes. So, you can install windows to allow natural light which can pervade the work area.

  6. Also, introduce automatic switches in areas like restrooms, storage rooms and basements; so that they turn on and off whenever they sense the entry and exit of someone.

  7. Ensure that you turn off any equipment like copier machines, fax machines, coffee/tea vending machines during long weekends or vacations.

6 killer tips to save energy using daily practices for Techies and Teams

  1. Direct your IT desk to make your computers, laptops and related equipment to go to sleep when not in use.

  2. Ensure that you buy energy efficient PCs, laptops and printers.

  3. Switch to laptops from PCs, as laptops consumer lesser energy.

  4. Buy systems that have longer guarantee and warranty periods.

  5. Remind your employees to turn off their PCs/laptops when they are away from work area.

  6. Educate employees to turn off ACs when they are away from their workstations

4 impactful ways of saving other resources at workstation

  1. Water the plants with water that is unused in the workplace instead of dumping in drains.

  2. Switch to using reusable dishes and glasses from plastic or paper ones.

  3. Instead of purchased mineral water, provide RO/filtered water in the work area.

  4. Share your unused office space with those in need to save on utilities and other expenses.





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