Month: December 2019

15 Ways To Celebrate New Year With Your Team At Work

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New Year comes and people start planning for the occasion. The agenda is to have a different and a better one from the last year. Celebrating the day at your work place and with your professional working team has a different motive altogether. Apart from enjoying the day, the idea is to interact with even […]

How to be the Best Secret Santa ever?

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Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is round the corner and so is the shopping list. It gets more confusing and complicated when you have to buy Christmas gifts for you colleagues, friends and family members. Secret Santa is a fun way to make someone feel special and bring a smile on their faces. However, this year, […]

Employee Engagement & Team Building go hand in hand

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You can’t have an engaged and active workforce without first having strong team building exercises. Here’s ten reasons why team building is needed to maximize your engaged employees. 1. Team Building highlights leaders One of the biggest benefits of team building exercises is that they can effectively identify the leadership qualities of your employees; allowing […]

18 Safety Tips to build a safe workplace

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The #MeToo movement has revolutionised the working environment. As an HR manager, here’s 18 safety tips to ensure your workplace is a warm and welcoming place to work for everyone. 1) Since the movement began, many workplace environments have amended their risk assessment processes to cater for sexual harassment, make sure you do too.  2) […]

10 Employee Engagement Facts an HR should not miss

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For a company to thrive, it needs a motivated and engaged workforce. A company with the best employee engagement will notice an increase in productivity, a higher staff retention rate and more innovative solution solving. Employee engagement should be an important area of focus for every business, here’s 10 facts every HR needs to know… […]