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5 Free Ideas to Make Your Induction Program more Impactful

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An organization or business is like a family. When a new employee is hired, he goes through the induction process. This process helps the new employee to understand how things are run in that organization. Without a good induction program, the employee will be looking lost and will not know how to join the team […]

Does your team need a Team Building Program? Browse our 15 point checklist

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 When a group comes together, it forms a team. Over the years it has been observed that teams work better than individuals. If you get a team to do something, they accomplish it faster and at a better quality. Many companies today do not have a good teamwork spirit. They stumble in that area, here […]

10 Sizzling Beach Destinations for your Team Offsite

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The modern-day working lifestyle has become considerably complex. Teams operating from different locations hardly get a chance to meet face to face. Thus, it is essential to utilise a team offsite to build stronger bonds. Considering the locations available across the country, beaches provide the best yet affordable space for organizing a team outbound. India […]

10 Best Places to Conduct a Team Offsite in Summers

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Planning a Team Offsite in summers! We have got you covered. The modern-day work culture has certainly transformed to a great extent. Why Team Building? Organisations are taking their employees to outbound locations where, employees get an opportunity to know each other personally, rethink about their goals and engage with each other. Choice of Location […]

Why FUN is the Secret Ingredient of a Great Induction Programme

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Usually, the processes involved in welcoming a new employee(s) into an organization are daunting for both parties involved. Making things less dreary during the program could help the individual settle in quickly, which would eliminate future issues. While it’s essential to take the induction seriously, you must not suck the life out of the entire […]