18 Safety Tips to build a safe workplace

The #MeToo movement has revolutionised the working environment. As an HR manager, here’s 18 safety tips to ensure your workplace is a warm and welcoming place to work for everyone.

1) Since the movement began, many workplace environments have amended their risk assessment processes to cater for sexual harassment, make sure you do too. 

2) Review any previous complaints and how they were handled’ enabling you to work out where to improve.  

3) Over 50% of women have been sexually harassed at work. Create an open culture of discussion so all staff know the problem.  

4) Clearly define what it is, so that all staff know what constitutes as harassment.

5) Change must start at the top, create a company-wide accountability program and ensure no one is above investigation.

6) Conduct regular, annual, compulsory anti-harassment training for all your staff.

7) Go beyond just sex and gender; harassment can take many forms so your policy should reflect this. 

8) Ditch dated PowerPoints and provide staff with training based off authentic and real-world examples of harassment. 

9) Ensure all staff retain professional behaviour in the office and keep communication (emails, calls and texts professional too)

10) Take all complaints seriously and investigate thoroughly. 

11) Treat each report differently; no two cases are the same so do not handle them the same. 

12) Be ready for complaints. Not acting swiftly makes the victim feel like you’re not taking them seriously.

13) Identify the best person to undertake investigations when a complaint has been made. 

14) Ensure you have procedures in place to prevent possible retaliation. 

15) Remove gender imbalances between salaries and inequality during hiring new employees. 

16) Provide emotional support to all staff who need it.

17) Enforce a clear dress code for both men and women in the workplace.

18) Above all, make your harassment policies and expectations clear. 



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