15 Ways To Celebrate New Year With Your Team At Work


New Year comes and people start planning for the occasion. The agenda is to have a different and a better one from the last year. Celebrating the day at your work place and with your professional working team has a different motive altogether. Apart from enjoying the day, the idea is to interact with even those you hardly know while employee engagement is also on the list making the day worthwhile. Organizing an eve with your team or colleagues might sound a little challenging. However, with the following great and innovative ideas, we are sure to make it a day to remember.

1. Theme based party

This one may sound historical, but believe me, this makes people preparing for the party and it’s fun to look a little different from the normal days. You can choose a theme from school days, Christmas characters (most of the times Christmas and New Year parties at workplace are clubbed) to fairy tale characters or even a sport based theme (Milbrath, 2019).

2. Have good food & fun

No party is complete without good and enough food. Good mood is all about having fun and good food.

3. Let the boss speak

Ask the boss to prepare a fun speech. Speech at the New Year party cannot be about numbers and targets (Singh, 2019).

4. The best looking workstation

Arrange a “Best Workstation Decoration” competition and let the best (wo)man win (Milbrath, 2019).

5. Play Time

It’s fun to add some games to the party. It is one of the best ideas to break the ice between people and building team relations in a 100 plus employees organization.

6. Photo Station

Create an interesting festive photo backdrop for everyone to create memories with there teams and fellow employees. (Welch, 2019).

7. Set up a huge clock

Set up a huge clock for everyone to see, especially if it’s an outdoor party.

8. Photo props

Have a rememberable team photo and trust me, photo props are amazing and fun while taking pics at the photo station (Welch, 2019).

9. Secret Santa

Play Secret Santa, it’s a fun way to express your gratitude anonymously. Make sure no one from the team is left out, everyone wants to start a new year on a good and happy note.

10. Countdown Ball Drop

This one needs some effort. Have some balloons or confetti in a net tied to the ceiling and let it loose when the clock hits 12.

11. Pep talk

If it’s a small organization (not more than 100 people), the MC/Emcee can invite people to come and talk on the mic. People can express their feelings which will develop a sense of belongingness. Pep talks with employees can encourage a boost in morale and helps to rebuild a team.

12. Fashion Show

A ramp walk can be a good idea and the most confident one gets a prize.

13. While you move activity

Have some tricks added while people dance, stop the music in between and ask people to stand still, or blindfold them and let them chose a partner, etc.

14. Setup a music console

Get the music console well set up before the party begins. Hire a DJ if the budget allows or ask the (budding) DJ employee to take charge of the music. Have the music arranged (Welch, 2019).

15. Token of appreciation

It’s the best time of the year to let all the employees know how important they are and it will also generate a feeling of belongingness in them. Get small tokens for all of the employees including janitors, housekeeping staff, etc.


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