10 Video Clips to Inspire your Team

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Since a long time Bollywood has been an amazing source of inspiration. Not every movie is a blend of dance and drama, there are many that leave a mark. Corporate events, often, comprise of inspiring and motivational music and videos. Bollywood, thus, is blessed with some of the most inspiring scenes ever. There are certain movies which have been successful in delivering the content and inspiring others towards betterment. In order to inspire your team, we are here with the best of the Bollywood video clips which are not only a true source of motivation, but also, make one think upon their present situations and lead them towards progression. Take a look:   

1. ‘Kabil Bano…’ – 3 Idiots:

This scene is a great motivator towards living your passion and not running after what others want to see you doing


2. ‘Life bouncer dega…’ – M.S. Dhoni: The untold story:

Life is no less than a roller coaster and how we perceive the challenges is the secret to winning over obstacle


3. ‘Choriyan Choro Se Kam Hain k…’ – Dangal:

Women are stronger in every aspect one can ever think off. Hence, equality is essential in every facet


4. ‘Apni Kamyaadbi Nakamyabi…’ – Luck by Chance:

Our happiness depends on our perception towards life. Being successful – unsuccessful totally rely on our hard work  


5. ‘Dilon main betabiyan…’ – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:

This scene delivers a strong message that a person must never let the zeal die within and keep flowing with passion until they achieve it     


6. ‘Ye 70 minutes…’ – Chak De India:

Focusing for those key 70 minutes is a strong motivator for the team. Calming the nerves and giving your best will bring you an assured win


7. ‘Zindagi Badi Honi…’ – Anand:

And who can ever forget this legendary scene from the movie Anand. This has a strong message for us that Life is something to be enjoyed with each and every moment passing through   



8. ‘Kisi ko itna mat darao…’ – Mary Kom:

This scene and the movie itself, is a treat to those fighting their way through to make their things work. Do not ever underestimate yourself    


9. ‘Life main jitna bhi try kro…’ – Ye Jawani Hai Deewani:

It is imperative to understand the beauty of life and start living the current moment. Not everything desired can be achieved



10. ‘Faisle Ki Izzat…’ – Lakshya:

It is significant to respect one’s own decisions and abide by them. Do not ever let that passion within you fade away with time





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