10 Undisputed Team Building Lessons from Navy Seals

Teamwork is indispensable in any organisation. When you look at the officers of the Navy, you will observe that they rely on team work for their functioning. There are very important lessons we learn from the Navy Seals about teamwork and here are the top ten

1) No discrimination

You do not look down on anybody on the team. You do not discriminate based on size, age, weight or color. The race or gender does not even matter. You look at everyone as a member of the team. Every soldier in the Navy knows that one day the man beside him may help save his life.

2) Every person counts

This is in line with no discrimination. Every person in a team counts. You do not exclude any person. In the Navy everyone is seen as an integral part of that team, no one views himself as a minus. Everyone is a plus to the team. This gives every individual in the team a sense of self-worth and gets them to put in their best.

3) A team trains together

After a battle is over, Navy Seals don’t just walk off and train individually. They train as a team, this way they get to know each other better than before. Every individual in the team gets to know his teammates, their strengths and their areas of expertise. This can be employed in any business organization.

4) Nobody is indispensable

In the Navy everyone tries his best to maintain teamwork because he knows that he can be dropped at any time. People die in battle and the team does not break up, they keep going. This simply tells us that everybody in a team is dispensable, nobody is indispensable.

5) Team mates help and encourage each other

Team work is not competition, everybody in a team tries to help each other. When one falls, the other picks him up. This is what makes a team solid and keeps them going. They help each other and they encourage each other in order to get the best out of the team. 

6) Team mates communicate with each other

There is communication in the team, without communication, the team will not stand. We see this in the Navy Seals where they even have a specific language for communication that only they can understand.

7) Establishing a shared vision

If a team does not have one vision, they will fail. In the Navy they have one mission and this mission helps channel their vision. The best part is everyone knows the common Vision.

8) Brutally Open to ideas

In a team, nobody knows it all. In the Navy even high ranking officers are open to ideas from their subordinates and team members.  That way they get a new view of the situation and it usually helps the team.

9) Unparalleled Trust

Every team should trust each other. If there is no trust then the team can collapse. They trust each other with their lives, they know that at the end, no one will be left out. 

10) A team is better than one individual

In the Navy you will see that the team thrives better than when individuals are sent out alone. Teamwork is always better.  These are some of the lessons one can learn about teamwork from the Navy Seals.

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