10 Motivational Hindi Songs To Use In Your Conference

We all need some sort of motivation from time to time. Be it an individual, or a team, everyone can use some pep talk. For that reason, we have found you a list of top 10 Hindi Motivational Songs.

There are some songs that drive happiness and unite a group to improve team productivity. These tunes can be used to boost their morale.

The list is as follows:

1. Apna Time Aayega – Gully Boy

Almost everyone’s favourite song, ‘Apna Time Aayega’ by Ankur Tewari is the perfect Bollywood rap song that talks about how hard work will give you everything. You need to have confidence and not overthink your situation.

Most uplifting lyric:

 Ab hausle se jeene de, Ab khauf nahi hai seene mein, Har raaste ko cheerenge, Hum kaamyabi cheenenge, Sab kuch mila paseene se, Matlab bana ab jeene mein

2. Challa (Main Lad Jaana) – URI

I will fight and give my best is what this song says. There is a sparkle in this song that will motivate you to do your best.

Most uplifting lyric:

Hai woh kar jaana, Ke saara zamaana, Phir dega misaala yaroon

3. Ziddi Dil – Mary Kom

Dil yeh ziddi hai shows that you can get anything you want by taking the stand. This heart should be that stubborn because it has the power to conquer the world. Be strong and you’ll get there.

Most uplifting lyric:

Ye parchaaiyon se, Chhupta yahaan, Oho phir tanhaaiyon, Se ladta yahaan, Jo chahta wo hai kiya, Apni hi sharton, Pe ye hai jiya, Oho ziddi hai ziddi, Hai ziddi hai, Kaisa yeh ziddi hai

4. Apna Har Din Aise Jiyo – Golmaal 3

This moment is our own and we won’t get it back once it’s gone. Time should be more important than money. The main message from this song is live every day as it is your last i.e., don’t wait for tomorrow. Do whatever you want right now.

Most uplifting lyric:

Hamara yeh waqt hamara jo, Ik baar gaya toh aaye na dobara, Samajh lo zara yeh, Hawaon ka ishaara, mere yaaro, Apna har din aise jiyo, Jaise ki aakhri ho

5. Brothers AnthemBrothers

This masterpiece of a song is by Vishal Dadlani. It conveys that the right mindset can help you achieve the most difficult of goals.

Most uplifting lyric:

Teri baari hai kamar kas le, Tere bas mein hai saare masle, Tere toote hue dil ki zameeno pe, Himmat ki ugaa le faslein, Tere hathon mein karam hai tera, Aur khoon garam hai tera, Koi teer nishane se chooke na, Jam ke kadam rakh le

6. Zinda – Bhag Milkha Bhag

At times, when people forget how strong they are, this song plays an essential role in motivating them. It gives them a surety that all their efforts will be paid back.

Most uplifting lyric:

Aag zubaan pe rakh ke, Phir chot ke hont bhi gaayenge, Ghaav gungunaayenge, Tere dard geet ban jaayenge

7. Naav – Udaan

This song will motivate you as well as will give you the confidence that you can win.

Most uplifting lyric:

Chal jeet jeet lehra parcham, Tu laal phehra ja, Ab kar ja tu ya mar ja karle taiyari

8. Kandhon Se Milte Hai – Lakshya

The essence of this song relies in its message around teamwork. It also says to move in the forward direction and that you should only compare yourself with your older self.

Most uplifting lyric:

Nikle hain maidan mein, Hum jaan hatheli par lekar, Ab dekho dum lenge, Hum jaake apni manzil par

9. Ek Jindari – Hindi Medium

This is the soul song for everyone who is crazy enough to dream big.

Most uplifting lyric:

Hai Jo Crazy Crazy Sapne Mere

Sare Chunn Ke Main Bun Aaungi

Haan Mana Iss Duniya Ki Hu Hi Nahi Main, Apni Hi Duniya Bnaungi, Ha Ek Zindgi Meri, 100 Khwaishaan, Main Poori, Main Poori, Main Poori Karaan

10. Bhaag Milka Bhaag

Another upbeat motivational song to pick you up whenever you are feeling low. It makes for a great song to listen to during your workout.

Most uplifting lyric:

Utaar ke phenk de sab janjaal

Beete kal ka har kankaal

Tere talve hai teri naal

Tujhe to karna hai har haal

Ab tu jaag Milkha, jaag Milkha, jaag Milkha

Ab tu bhaag Milkha

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