10 Inspirational Kabir Dohe to use in your Presentation

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India – A country rich with culture and heritage – has certainly been blessed with some of the most inspirational poets and saints. One such legend is Saint Kabir. His words have inspired the millions since ages. Not only his Dohe are used in day to day life but, also, they are a great source of inspiration in management. When time comes for a presentation, such inspiring quotes can create a strong impact. Wisdom words do great during team presentations and so, here we are with the top 10 inspirational Kabir Dohe to be used in your next one:

1. ‘Kaal Kare so aaj kar, Aaj kare so ab, Pal mein parlay hoyegi, Bahuri karega kab’

It is important to complete one’s task today itself and not to postpone it indefinitely. What if world was to end in the next moment? Be prepared, take action now.

2. ‘Dukh mein sumiran sab kare, sukh mein kare na koye, Jo sukh main sumiran kare, toh dukh kahe ko hoye’ 

If we keep faith during peace, nothing bad will ever happen. Have faith and you will achieve your Goals.

3. ‘Aisee vani boliye, Mann ka aapa khoye, Apna tan sheetal kare, Auran ko sukh hoye’

Instead of being arrogant, be humble and speak well with others. Spreading happiness using words is what matters the most.

4. ‘Chinta aisee dakini, Kaat kaleja khaye, Vaid bichara kya kare, Kahan tak dawa lagaye’

Worry is such an ultimate sickness that no doctor can heal with his medicines. Afterall, in the end, it breaks the heart.

5. ‘Bura jo dekhan main chala, buran aa milya koye, Jo mann khoja aapna, toh mujhse buran aa koye’

In search of flaws in others, I couldn’t find one. But when, I looked within myself, I couldn’t find anyone as flawed as me. Thus, before judging anyone, looking within oneself is imperative.

6. ‘Kabira khara bazaar mein, Mange sabki khair, Na kahu se dosti, Na kahu se bair’

Instead of looking for friends and enemies, Kabira is seeking wisdom and well wishes while blessings others as well. Become a well-wisher. 

7. ‘Jab tu aaya jagat mein, Log hanse tu roye, Aisi karni na kari, Pache hanse sab koye’

Your birth was the only day when you cried and everyone else laughed. Live your life so well that when you leave the world, others miss you. 

8. ‘Chaah miti, chinta miti, Manwa beparwah. Jisko kuch nahi chaiye, Who Shahenshah’

He who desires nothing, is the real king. When there shall be no desires, there will be no space for worries.

9. ‘Raat gawai soyeke, Diwas gawaya khaay. Hira janam anmol tha, Kodi badle jaye’

You are born to shine like a diamond. But, if the nights are wasted in sleeping and days are wasted in eating, it will lead to worthlessness.                                             

10. ‘Kabira garv na keejiye, Uncha dekh aavas. Kaal pairon punyah letna, Uper jamsi ghaas’

Do not ever be proud of your opulence, as in the end, you shall be under the dirt and what all will be left behind is the growing grass above you. Be humble. 

When to use Dohe?

Choosing to go with Dohe’s is a smart move and can take your presentation to the next level. So, stop wondering about when you can use the Dohe and take a look below for getting started with these suggestions: 

1. Before starting the presentation
2. Include it in your first slide
3. Include it in your last slide to make a point
4. Frame a quiz
5. Support examples/stories with Dohe
6. Insert Dohe in between presentation to enhance the interest
7. Add a wisdom/inspiration slide to conclude
8. Supplement your creative ideas with Kabir’s Dohe
9. Quote it while having a discussion
10. Before making a point, let the team read Dohe

Happy presenting!

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