10 Employee Engagement Facts an HR should not miss

For a company to thrive, it needs a motivated and engaged workforce. A company with the best employee engagement will notice an increase in productivity, a higher staff retention rate and more innovative solution solving.

Employee engagement should be an important area of focus for every business, here’s 10 facts every HR needs to know…

 1. Disengagement costs money!

A 2017 study by The Conference Board found disengaged staff are costing American businesses an incredible $450-550 billion every year!

2. Engagement makes money!

It might seem obvious, but if a disengaged staff costs money an engaged workforce can increase it – by up to 21% according to Gallup

3. Focus on Millennials

That same Gallup report revealed that an incredible 87% of the global workforce is disengaged; with 32% of 18-35 year olds seeing them quitting within a year

4. Staff are bored

A 2018 Korn Ferry survey revealed 33% of Americans cited boredom as being the main reason they quit their job.

5. Recognise your staff!

The majority of staff believe recognition from a manager is the best thing to help an employee be successful.

6. Listen to the floor

Achievers recently revealed that 21% of employees they surveyed reported their employer showed no signs of hearing feedback from staff.

7. Creating meaningful goals

A further Gallup study shows only 6 out of 10 employees knew what was expected of them at work.

8. Invest in Team Building

39% of employees want to leave their job for a company with a more inclusive culture according to Deloitte

9. Let your people grow

In 2017, SHRM revealed 41% of staff rated career advancement as an important factor in job satisfaction.

10. Remember, people quit bosses

Perhaps most surprisingly, Gallup found that 75% of employees quit because of their boss – not their company.



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